Building a better community

Building a better community

We would like to share some thank you letters we’ve received over the years from beneficiaries of the Fund. It’s great to know that even in small contributions, we are able to make a difference for the better in the lives of others.

K i H G B C D E F A Baseball thank you letter M RS thank you letter


Help when needed

The Mayor Arakawa Community Kokua Fund is made up of volunteers from the community who work regular jobs and donate their time. The MACK Fund does not employ an Executive Director.

The committee meets once each month to review applications. Many of these applications are researched for additional information before a final decision is made.

We ask for your patience in receiving a reply or decision. Detailed information and prioritizing your needs will help in your receiving a reply sooner. We are not affiliated with the County of Maui, the Mayor’s Office or any Political Organization.

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Mayor Alan Arakawa and wife Ann Arakawa