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The Mayor Arakawa Community Kokua Fund is a 501 C3 Nonprofit organization, that provides financial assistance to individuals and groups in financial need. 

There is an application process that must be completed and the decisions are made by a Board of Directors (volunteers from the community who work regular jobs and donate their time) who meet on a monthly basis. The MACK Fund does not employ an Executive Director.  The committee meets once each month to review applications.

See the application requirements.

The organization has assisted individuals who need medication until their insurance can begin working, individuals who have very large medical bills that are not covered by insurance, grandparents who need to care for their grandchildren and need assistance with providing basic needs such as school supplies and food. Kokua Fund has assisted with Project Graduations which are an alcohol-free and drug free, chaperoned, and controlled event for high school graduates.


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Sometimes you need a little bit of financial help. We're here for you.

We offer monetary support for your medical bill, for food, or whatever you need.

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Approximately 10 years ago, shortly after I was elected Mayor the first time, someone came to me with a personal problem.  It was a heart wrenching story and it occurred to me that we had no organization in Maui County that could help our people, at a moment’s notice.

Hence, I decided to create the Mayor Arakawa Community Kokua Fund.  The Kokua Fund or MACK Fund assists the most needy individuals in our community with one-time grants of up to $500.00 per person.  The Kokua Fund also assists organizations (such as youth organizations) with up to $1,000.00 in assistance. 

This is intended to give a “hands-up” and not just granting aid to those who just want a “hand out”.  There is an application process, which involves a Financial Statement and each applicant is required to write a letter explaining what the funds will be used for.  An all-volunteer board, scrutinizes each application and makes a decision.  For individuals, no cash is given to prevent abuse of the Fund.  Instead, food, clothing or supplies are purchased for them or a utility bill is paid.

Mahalo for helping us to help those members of our community who are struggling the most, but at the same time, are trying to be contributing members of our society.

- Mayor Alan Arakawa, with wife Ann Arakawa


Interested to help support our cause?

We are always fundraising! Email kokuafund@gmail.com.